Sunday, June 21, 2009

A storm front in Congress

As many of you know, Ron Paul has started a bill in Congress called 'Audit the FED'. This is a brilliant move, as it forces other senators to come clean about whether they are under banker lobbyist influence. If the bill passes, the Fed may be neutered, which would be a good thing. Even if the bill fails, it draws a spotlight on the nefarious workings of the Federal Reserve. Folks, this is high drama, and the future of the U.S.A. is at stake.

Unfortunately, most Americans are too busy watching football games and American Idol to notice.


Mad_Tinfoil_Hatter said...
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mlytle said...

Hello Mad Tinfoil Hatter,

Yes, it's true, it will never get close to Obama's desk, and I doubt he would sign it anyway. Obama's also been bought off by the banks. Ron Paul's strategy is to try to get attention for his ideas, I believe.

I think you know what I meant, that most of the public isn't paying attention, and that attention deficit is present across both sexes, and through all seasons of the year. This isn't a short term attention span problem, it's long term.

I think that's the bigger problem, the Public doesn't care.

And yes, you're right, he is a Representative not a Senator. Point taken.

Mark L.

mlytle said...

Notice to all,
I have decided to remove Mad Tinfoil Hatter's post, but I have left up my reply. Apologies to anyone who was offended by some of his comments. It's O.K. for people to disagree with me, I'm not perfect, but his reference to young women was uncalled for. I would have caught it sooner but my schedule is such that I only update this blog every one or two days and so have to rely on the good taste of the people visiting here. This didn't work on this occasion. I left his post up too long...

Mark L.