Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And, in the Black Helicopters department...

O.K., this is real weird. FEMA, that paragon of efficiency and integrity (remember Katrina, New Orleans) is of all things, managing a multi-national troop deployment in the U.S. until the end of the month. To fight Terrorism, of course..

Here's the link:

You should go to the link and read FEMA's official statement(s). It is amazingly odd and creepy, and should give any normal person shivers. With the economy steadily collapsing, I doubt it's terrorism they're getting ready for. Maybe the possibility of riots is more what is on their mind. Anyway, if it really was about terrorism, that would belong to Homeland Security, right? Not FEMA.

If you want to think of a reason there may be trouble ahead, read the post before this one...Don't tell me the Powers That Be haven't considered this. Hank Paulson readily used the threat of riots and marshal law to get his banking cronies the bailout money (and bonuses) they wanted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark:

I commented the other day and forgot to leave my name. Thanks again for your tremendous work. It is valued and appreciated.

Thanks again,
Trevor E.

waldo said...

Hi Mark, how long can this market keep going on bad news. Some counties in my state which is ohio has unemployment rate over 20%. Thanks for comments. waldo.

mlytle said...

Hi gents,
I think the market will pull back here somewhere, the $SPX is in the vicinity of a major node and up against the weekly Bollinger Bands. That said, we may be just finishing an 'A' wave of an A-B-C pattern. Markets can be irrational for some time. It is also possible that the possible coming 'C' wave may not get a lot higher than the 'A' wave, it could be kind of a 'flat' in Elliot terms...

Mark L.

waldo said...

It was quite funny today with everyone front running the buy program that has hit the markets for the last week or so in the last hour. By the looks of the volume there were some institutions dumped right in there laps. waldo