Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So, Who Is spinning - Boris Chikvashvili


Showdown in Europe

This is an excellent analysis by Boris Chikvashvili, who has a very interesting and successful market analysis method of his own. You should all check out his site:


By the way, he sees an immanent drop here also..


waldo said...

Hello Mark, I am the most bearish guy in the world but without volume this market will be propped up by the feds. I have never seen such light volume in years. This is worse than the summer doldrums. waldo

mlytle said...

Hi Waldo,
I'm sure the Feds are in there lifting, you're right...but I still think there's a top here somewhere...The double node on December 28, 2009 took 13 trading days to resolve into a top...it took a little while...The double node on 03/11/10 if taken out 13 days would get you to 3/28/10..I doubt it will go that far, but these time windows are a little wide because they are calculated out from Oct 2002...small amounts of drift over those long time spans makes the longer nodes a little sloppy...

Mark L.