Friday, September 24, 2010

Dialogue before the storm.

I had an experience today in a public place where there was a television set running. Being there by myself, as is my habit, I turned the set off, to gather my thoughts. I regard television as mostly noise.

A young girl about 20 entered the room, and looked up at the TV on the wall. She said “Why is the TV off, is it broken?”

I said, “Yes, and it has been that way for 25 years or more.”

She then said to me “What do you mean?”

She was intrigued and puzzled and disturbed by my remark.

I said “Bread and Circuses” It’s like Rome, keep the people entertained, and they won’t care as you slowly steal everything of value from them. She had heard that before, I could tell this by her response.

Then I paused and said, “It’s worse than that, really. They are stealing our money, and also feeding us genetically modified foods, that will slowly kill us.” I explained quickly the issues there.

Then I said, “When they slaughter cows, they run them back and forth through a wooden pathway, and the cows never can see straight ahead, as that’s where a man with a sledge, drops them as they come through the gate at the end of the wooden pathway. The idea is to keep them distracted, turn them left and right, they never see what their fate is ’till the very end.”

Then I pointed to the TV and said, “You see, that’s your wooden pathway.”

Quietly, very quietly, looking down, she said “I get it.”

I saw her later that day in that same public place, looking down and looking “quite bummed out.” But I knew I had managed to reach one young person, about the deep core of our media soaked, twisted culture.

But I can’t in my own mind tell myself whether what I did was right or not……….


bill102205 said...

Mark: My personal opinion:
I would be most careful of mentioning these subjects to persons, that u do not know.
For this reason. Don't know these persons' mental or emotional state. Some people are very fragile and not well adjusted. Many are not very well informed.
The points that u mentioned are known, but by a small majority.
If u had known this person personally and they knew and trusted u, that is a different question.
Then u would have some idea, whether the person was able to entertain those points.

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