Sunday, February 14, 2016

When's the best time to short Panera Bread? Possibly April 4th or so.

The date/price sequence of 10/19/98 and 2.06 (low), 9/15/03 and 47.79 (high), 04/03/06 and 75.88 (high), produced the following spike high of $208.00 on July 27, 2015:
A different date/price sequence of 10/19/98 and 2.06 (start low), 09/15/03 and 47.79 (wave 1,high), 06/03/13 and 194.77 (wave 3,high), produces the following graph, with exponentially derived trendlines. A widening envelope (Megaphone pattern) terminates at the April 4th, 2016 date with a high and lows on that date of approximately $212.00 and $168.00, respectively. The standard Elliot Wave, Fibonacci Calculation gives a top at $216.23.
This next picture shows the area in the box that contains the widening envelope, it looks almost the same on the conventional plot, but you often get more accurate results off the exponential plot.

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