Monday, August 3, 2009

Book Title

The title of my new book is 'quite a handle', but here it is:

Beyond Ordinary
Fibonacci Methods

Quite a handle.

Here is the Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 - Definitions and Core Concepts (Exponential Time Nodes)
Chapter 2 – Converting to Spreadsheets
Chapter 3 – Exponential Trendlines and Crossovers
Chapter 4 – Final Thoughts

Index of Charts
Index of Topics

Remember, I will need your mailing addresses to send you your copy of the book. After you receive it, my enclosed address will be where you send $20 + shipping costs, and then I'll email you the spreadsheet that goes with the book as a bonus...You can develop the spreadsheet on your own with this book, all of the equations are there, but it's easier with the original template...

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