Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zero hedge - the Endgame has started.

Submitted by Michael Krieger


Massive Social and Geopolitical Change is Coming

What is happening at the moment on the world stage is that essentially the governments of all major countries on planet earth are on the verge of collapse one way or the other. While there are certainly many differences between the governments of China, Russia and the United States for example, there is one huge similarity. They are all highly bureaucratic centrally planned economies. What is so interesting about the present time is that we are witnessing the end of the current monetary and financial system that has dominated the world since 1971. This will also invariably mean that we are about to witness dramatic political and social change in virtually every country on earth. The very elite in the United States know this which is why they are using their puppets in D.C. to pass laws that will put the citizens into a neo-feudalistic debt slavery so that they will not revolt once it becomes clear to all that the politicians are a bunch of crooks and scoundrels that have sold them out entirely. On a positive note, I think a critical mass has already been achieved in the U.S. and I think D.C. will collapse under its own weight. As I wrote to a small group of friends earlier this week as relates to the fact that a sheriff there stated “Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy.":

It doesn’t matter what you think about the AZ law. It is merely a microcosm for a bigger battle being waged between states rights and the gulag federal government. The second American revolution HAS begun and it started in Arizona (I thought it might be Texas). Either way, what I expect to happen in the months ahead is more and more people are going to STOP obeying federal laws and ultimately states will also simply not obey. This is not necessarily what I am endorsing I am just telling you where I think this is headed. This will put the Federal government into a corner where they will need to respond. The stock market is being used as a government weapon to make people think things are ok when there is a massive tempest brewing that will wipe away the entire structure. Either way, the revolution will not be televised. Commerce will increasingly move to a black market model (l have heard big discounts are being offered in Greece if you pay in cash and that will be here too).

This all fits into the whole “Dangers of a Failed Presidency” concept that I wrote about around a month ago. Washington D.C. has now officially lost the mandate of the people it governs and this is a very dangerous scenario. If history repeats itself the government will look for a way to vilify another country or a group of people within the country. As such, I implore everyone that reads this to be as vigilant as possible in the months and years ahead. Do not accept war (don’t we have enough wars) and do not allow the government or media to demonize a particular subset of the American people. This is the oldest trick in the book, it’s the divide and conquer or export chaos strategy. Right now we need to identify who sold us out and how they did it. Therefore when things crumble we know who the culprits are and we don’t let them change the story and divert anger and confusion elsewhere.

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