Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a quick comment....

(1) Just how long will it take for the tens of trillions of dollars of CDO's to implode now that most of their collateral in the Real Estate market is now rendered unsaleable, by the recently revealed fraudulent foreclosure process?

(2) How much longer also before we have a "bank holiday" or worse?


Anonymous said...

hey Mark,
1) Based on CNBS and other MSM chatter, it's a game of chicken between those that rightly claim a matter of law vs. those that wish to portray it as a "technicality." If the technicality BS prevails with the sheeple, the CDO's survive, I suppose. If the sheeple GET MAD AS HELL, then maybe the CDO's start flying and frying.

2) If CDO's fly (can pigs fly? I know you can fry 'em) you'll probably see some closed for remodeling signs.


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