Sunday, October 3, 2010

UN Agency Warns of Unemployment-Related Unrest through 2015

UN Agency Warns of Unemployment-Related Unrest through 2015

And an interesting comment from someone reading that article:

The speaker calls himself ‘attempter’:

“I agree, the 2015 date, as bad as it sounds, is just a carrot dangled before the dying workhorse to induce him to stagger on.

This “economy” will never restore livable jobs. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that on the contrary destroying all real jobs has been the intentional policy of close to 40 years now. They’re not going to stop when final victory is in sight.

I hope we see effective general strikes in Europe and elsewhere. They still have the spirit and perhaps the labor infrastructure.

As for America, the spirit seems doubtful. And it seems that part of the genius of the atomization of the citizenry, along with ending the draft and greatly lowering taxes (replacing taxation with government debt), has been the dispersal of the labor force. Part of the goal of the destruction of manufacturing and replacing it with a “service economy” was to disperse physical labor concentration even as all economic power became ever more centralized.

In reading Tocqueville recently, I was struck by his observation that at the same historical moment that government and economic power was most centralized in Paris, all industrialization and its related capitalist infrastructure were also physically centralized there.

So when the bourgeoisie and the workers combined against the government, it was literally a stroll down the street, and the job was done. It was almost effortless, the moment they decided to do it.

But how can people combine for any kind of action in physically disintegrated America? In a bizarre way, it’s like asymmetrical warfare, but with the elites as the rapidly moving guerrillas whose power is in general dispersed and unassailable, but who are able to combine and strike with great force at any chosen point, while the lumbering, sprawled-out beast of the people has no idea where it is or how to move.”


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I see no solution to the dire job situation. I have been following the job situation for decades. I believe that it will worsen. Think about this even in the very best of times companies were in some cases very unwilling to give decent raises and benifits. Now we have a real situation where they don't even need all the personal they have now. In a environment like today a company can easily get away without giving raises or even offering benifits in many cases. Earnings of most of the fortune 500 companies and fortune 100 companies are at record levels. The problem is not that most companies are unable to compensate their employees fairly its that they just choose not to do so.

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