Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More on Donald Trump... I think we’re all on knifes edges until the election in 2016, both with regard to collapse and war. Watch the election of Trump, I notice he’s in the same camp as Obama. What do I mean by that? I mean, he’s going after the NeoCons. He has openly mocked both Lindsay Graham and John McCain. He’s tearing holes in all of the NeoCon Republicans. He tearing holes in NeoCon Hillary. Obama, like Trump is a Rothschild agent, not in the Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton group. His parting shot as President against the other camp is to assist Trump in taking down Hillary. New York Post’s Edward Klein wrote on March 14th 2015 that sources told him it was Valerie Jarrett who leaked the details of Hillary’s criminal use of private email for official business. If you look out on the web, you’ll find that Obama and Bill Clinton ‘had it out’ on a golf course recently. One can guess what that was about. Trump is also in favour of the Iran arms deal, another anti-NeoCon position. This, even though both of his children are married to Israeli’s. So if we can avoid a NeoCon inspired war until President Trump takes office, then war becomes a much less likely option, after that point. I believe the ‘RESET’ has been put off because the balance of power between the Rothschild and Rockefeller faction is still precarious. It’s the Rockefeller/NeoCons that are fighting to maintain Hegemony, and trying to prevent the reset. Although I don’t buy into everything that Ben Fulford has to say, I think he’s right that the NeoCon faction is being taken down, but with considerable resistance. This is the Geopolitical reason why I think the revaluation of gold will wait a while, possibly until after the 2016 elections.

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