Sunday, August 9, 2015

You know there’s a small chance that the U.S. has one small advantage over China in what’s coming. We haven’t had a ‘New Deal’ style spending program since Roosevelt, though Kennedy’s ‘New Frontier’ has been likened to a version of it. China has been doing intense infrastructure development for a while, a lot of ‘new’ cities, factories, etc. and is somewhat ‘overbuilt’, but the U.S. is ripe for a big makeover. The coming crash will make the Republican drive towards austerity moot, as it will come on it’s own with massive deflation, and defaults at several levels. Eventually new thinking will emerge, and the one thing that hasn’t been done here for a long time, internal infrastructure development, is an available option. So what if the world doesn’t want our dollars at that point? Globalism will be about dead anyway, as well as conspicuous consumption. Look at the Baltic Dry Index, or King Copper, or oil, nation states can no longer hope for reciprocal stimulation through trade. The global demand is just not there. So nations will just have to go internal for a while, clean up the mal-investment, and become more self sufficient in many areas as there won’t be any other options. I’m reminded of how Nazi Germany mobilized and found substitute materials and technology for things they were forbidden to buy due to sanctions put in after WWI. We certainly don’t want their political philosophy, but in a world were international trade is ‘frozen’, we will have to self-stimulate to recover, and there is a justification for it based on our depleted condition. This came to mind as I just read the new 10 dollar bill (is rumoured) will be issued with Eleanor Roosevelt on it. Why would the elites remind us of the Roosevelts just now? Maybe it’s a hint of things to come. Now I’m as mystified as anyone else as to what Donald Trump represents, but if you did want to do a ‘New Deal’ program in the U.S., the Republican party would have to be taken down considerably, as they would oppose such a program strenuously. Whether ‘The Trump’ is controlled opposition, or a genuine organic development, the hatchet job he is doing on the Republican party would be an essential prerequisite for this to happen.

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