Friday, June 25, 2010

A brave and furious Louisiana women tells the truth.

This women tells it like it is. BP runs the Gulf Coast, and the U.S. Government is their slave, the people of Louisiana are expendable and no one cares if the people who live there (in lower Louisiana) all slowly die.

Further, BP is faking much of the rescue and recovery operation, and making it a bureaucratic nightmare to get a respirator if you volunteer to work on the cleanup. People already stricken by chemical poisoning have been explained away as 'heat exhaustion' and 'food poisoning'. Ridiculous.

This women, named Kindra, is watching her own children suffering from rashes and respiratory problems that magically go away when they get even a day's respite away from their home on the Gulf Coast.

Don't think you can ignore this. The evil these coastal people are suffering through, will, sooner or later, be the evil we all experience.

This is global.

Her story is the warning about your future. Her story is here:

Realize, that the world is being taken down....ecocide, and ultimately genocide are what the 'powers that be' will eventually bring us....

The photo of the oil soaked wave is from near Orange Beach, Alabama. You can find this image spreading around the internet almost as fast as the oil is spreading across the Gulf of Mexico.

The original link is here:

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