Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Class War and the Decline of the West

from Le Café Américain


I receive at least ten emails per day from the self-enslaving, sadly to say mostly older men like myself, that repeat the slogans and urban myths like faithful party members, seasoned with hateful prejudice and mindless propaganda, so I know that the influence peddlers and indoctrinators are doing a good job of it, subverting the middle class.

It is a little remembered fact that the greatest boost in support for the rise of the National Socialist party came not from the underclasses which was always a minority, but from the more influential professional class, the petit-bourgeois: doctors, dentists, accountants, shop owners, and small business owners. They added their force to the earliest supporters , the industrialists and the monied interests, the bankers and the industrialists.

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Penny Stocks said...

The west has been in decline for a very long time. Asia is the rising star now