Saturday, July 3, 2010

Survivor, the home game...

Big cuts in pay for most California State workers, but not all.

California State Government workers with union connections (and considerable political muscle) get no pay cuts, others, minimum wage or $455 a month, depending...

The options for those affected, is to try to live on a reduced, miniscule salary and slowly go bankrupt, or quit and attempt to find a better paying job in the middle of what obviously, is a Depression. Good luck with that.

Here is how the 'new austerity' works. It's only for the poor and not politically connected. The system is very sick, but instead of fixing the imbalances, it strives to make them worse, to maximize them.

The goal is to sacrifice the less privileged for the survival and well being of the more privileged.

So, the reality show 'Survivor' really is the paradigm for this whole sick society.

If you're not on the 'inside' you get all support withdrawn. You get voted off the island, to drown in the ocean... The resources that went to you, now go to the winners, the survivors....

Watch for this same drama to play out eventually in all 50 states, and across the western world, as the Depression deepens. Cuts in benefits will alway happen to those least able to cope, with the fewest personal resources.

Social Darwinism in action.

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